DOLA/DoH Certified Factory Built Non-Residential Structures

Bentley Welding Inc. (BWI) is proud to announce that we are now a DOLA/DoH certified plant for building factory built non-residential (FBNR) structures. This certification demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality, code-compliant structures that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Field Compliance Inspections

If you have an existing structure provided by another manufacturer that does not display the DOLA/DoH insignia, we can provide a comprehensive assessment of the structure and certify it in the field.

Our Factory Built Non-Residential Structures:

Certified Compliance

Every FBNR structure manufactured by BWI displays an insignia issued by the Division of Housing, certifying compliance with SCHEDULE "B" standards and all other requirements. By adhering to the DOLA/DoH's stringent programs and maximizing the performance of your insulating envelope, BWI helps you capitalize on energy efficiency, reduce consumption, lower operating costs, and create a comfortable environment within your factory-built structure.

Custom Engineering

Our experienced engineers and designers create structures that not only meet but often exceed current building and rigorous electrical codes, as well as the standards set by the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code). We adhere to Codes and Standards such as AICS-7, ANSI, ASCE, AWS, IBC, IECC, IFC, IMC, NEC, NFPA, and UL.

Comprehensive Project Management

From initial design to final delivery, our Quality Control and Management Teams collaborate closely to ensure that your project meets your individual requirements. We maintain continuous communication throughout the process to deliver a high-quality product, custom-designed to meet your needs, on time, and in accordance with contract specifications.

State-of-the-Art Fabrication

Our highly skilled craftsmen utilize state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate structural sound shelters that are reliable, versatile, portable, and ready for on-time delivery. Each BWI structure is crafted to the highest standards of consistent quality.

Modular and Relocatable Design

BWI's Factory Built Non-Residential Structures are designed with modularity and relocatability in mind, offering unparalleled flexibility for industries with evolving needs. Our FBNR structures can be easily moved, reconfigured, and repurposed as your requirements change, allowing you to adapt quickly to new projects, locations, or operational demands while saving costs, reducing construction time, minimizing site impact, and maintaining consistent quality across multiple projects and relocations.

Expert Installation

BWI's experienced management team professionally and safely handles the offloading and installation of your structure. We offer on-site support for load-out, DOT-compliant transport, offloading, and securing the enclosure to your chosen foundations, piers, or support structures.


The following lists include just a few examples of the many types of Factory Built Non-Residential Structures used across different industries. The versatility and customizable nature of these structures make them suitable for a wide range of applications where quick deployment, durability, and specific functionality are required.

Modular Buildings

  • Commercial Modular Buildings
  • Container Offices
  • Modular Classrooms
  • Data Centers

Oil and Gas Industry Structures

  • Pump Houses
  • Compressor Buildings
  • Meter Stations
  • Analyzer Buildings
  • Operator Control Buildings
  • Motor Control Center (MCC) Buildings
  • Wellhead Enclosures
  • Portable Laboratories
  • Dehydration Units
  • Mud Logging Units

Utility and Infrastructure Structures

  • Telecommunications Equipment Shelters
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Buildings
  • Renewable Energy Control Buildings
  • Railway Signal and Control Bungalows
  • Highway Traffic Management Centers
  • Industrial Pump Houses

Specialty Enclosures and Shelters

  • Storage Buildings
  • Security Guard Booths
  • Custom Trailers and Conversions

Contact Bentley Welding Inc. today to learn more about our DOLA/DoH certified Factory Built Non-Residential Structures and how we can help you with your next project.