The manpower and expertise to meet the quality, precision, and turnaround times demanded by the energy industry.

Get your well online and get into production quicker. When a well is shut down because it needs repaired, it can mean a lot of missing cashflow for your business.

We are fully equipped with our own fleet of professional welding trucks, flatbeds, and other construction vehicles necessary to help you complete your repairs and fabrication work in the field.

We are always ready for:

  • Separator Repairs - Standard 4-8 Week Turnaround Time (depending on the severity of the repair)
  • Pipeline Fab - Pig Launcher / Receiver, Meter Runs, Test Heads
  • Headers
  • Flange Wellheads
  • Tank Battery Fab
  • Structural Projects - Stairs, Walkovers, Platforms
  • Cattle Guard Fab