We will help you lower your operating costs with improved safety, higher quality standards, and increased productivity.

Bentley Welding, Inc. is a certified welding, energy services, and metal working company with multiple facilities located in Greeley, Colorado. We are fully equipped with expert work crews, our own fleet of professional welding trucks, flatbeds, and other construction vehicles necessary to help you complete your work.

We have the capacity to build, ship, and deploy work crews to locations across the USA.

Most importantly, when you hire BWI, a dedicated work crew is established to make your projects their priority. Our diverse team of supervisors, certified welders, fabricators, and labor crews are highly qualified, reliable, and ready to work for you on a moments notice. BWI services the local community and companies throughout northern Colorado and Utah.

Meet the Team

Core Values


There is nothing more important to BWI than ensuring the safety of our team members and them returning home to their loved ones after a job well done.


In business, we believe nothing is more important than being honest. Good or bad, being straightforward and upfront in our dealings is of the utmost importance.


Doing what is right even when it's not easy or no one is looking. BWI will go the extra mile to ensure our word is kept to our customers, employees and vendors.


We believe that you should get what you pay for. We will not rest until the product we are delivering meets not only the customers but BWI's expectations.


Providing a product or service that exceeds the price paid! From start to finish - BWI will not rest until we have delivered exceptional value to our customers.


Time is money- BWI will strive to meet or exceed deadlines as we know these can be the most critical component to any project!